Foto: Marta Ariño

Patricio MICHELIN (1980) is an Argentinian editorial and documentary photographer based in Marseille, France. After his degree in Physics at University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, he faded slowly into photography. He believes in self-taught education, mainly because feelings and emotions cannot be transmitted.

Nevertheless, he attended workshops with well-known photographers and award winning photographers as Walter Astrada and Jodi Bieber, Magnum portfolio lecture at VISA pour l’image, Photo España and Rencontres D’Arles photo festivals.

He is interested in documentary photography as a tool to show a personal vision of his inner soul, photography is a “window” and “mirror” of himself.

Patricio began his free-lancer career mid 2013, when engaged by HUMANA Spain, in Barcelona to photograph its projects and help develop them all over the peninsula. The result leaded to exhibitions, presentations and discussions in cultural centers, town halls and libraries in Catalonia, Madrid, Galice and southern Spain.

He has exhibits in galleries and festivals in Lyon, Marseille, Grenoble, Sète (France), San Antonio, Texas, US as well in Barcelona and Revela-T 2015, first European analog photographic festival.      

For personal work, he uses film with a panoramic Hasselblad XPAN camera. When he is not photographing and teaching, he’s out there, mountaineering in the Alps.

+33 (0) 6 98 20 49 42


 Lives in Southern France, available worldwide

Fluent in English, French, Spanish and Italian