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Chromosome 24 will be featured during 38th IbéroAmerican Festival in Lyon, France

Bibliothèque du 7ème, Jean Macé,

March 2018


Chromosome 24 will be featured during POC (portes Ouvertes Consolat) 2016 Festival.

AKDemia del Tango, Marseille,

October 2016


Chromosome 24 at the Cube M with the support of Ville de Marseille

Solo exhibition during Euro 2016.

June 2016, Cube M. Old Port, Marseille, France

Cube M – VIDEO


Ara Yevi, Colors and visions of Argentina

Solo exhibition and presentation – SALSA Ibero American Film Festival

October 2015, Sète, France



Desert Landscapes II at Can Garbat, Villasart de D’alt, Spain

Collective exhibition and presentation – Revela-T 2015 Analogic festival

May 19, 20 and 21st June 2015


Chromosome 24 at Consulado General de la Republica Argentina en Barcelona

April 21st until May 14th 2015

Solo Exhibition


Consulado Argentino BCN

Social Farming at Maracena (Andalucía) town hall

Solo exhibition funded by HUMANA Spain

This was the last show of a long year journey all around the peninsula,

from January until December 2014 in more than 30 places among

Avilés, Alicante, Baleares islands, Barcelona, Valencia, Galicia, Gijón, Oviedo and Sevilla

Agricultura Social 1

Agricultura Social 2

AILLEURS, Collective exhibition at Domus Gallery, Lyon, France,

March 19th until April 30th 2013

Gallerie DOMUS

PATAGONIE ABANDONNEE, Bibliothèque Descartes, ENS Lyon, France.

Solo exhibition,

November 10th until January 13th 2013

ENS Lyon

Bibliothèque Jean Macé, Lyon 7ème, France.

Solo exhibition,

(Réflets du cinéma Ibéro-Américain)

December 2nd 2012 until January 17th 2013

BURNED Garden, SmartArt Project Space, San Antonio, TX, USA

Collective exhibition, curated by Burn Magazine Team,

October 2011

burnED Garden