Contact Sheets

I want to come and see your contact sheets”

Henri Cartier-Bresson

The vastness of the panorama enables me to see wider, to fill the frame in a quilt and searching for components. The panorama Hasselblad XPAN film format ( 24x65mm), forces a lateral reading of an image, creating a different experience of photography that, ideally, makes “the viewer to slow down, to explore the frame and ask questions instead of giving just answers.

Tim Heteringhton used to said, “shooting with film gives me a second layer of what’s going on”.

Slow pace and only 21 frames per roll, makes you think and see deeper before shooting. Further developing, scan and prints are also a mandatory part of the whole process… Therefore, with analog photography, the process focus in observation and contemplation when embedded on the subject.

These contacts sheets are from different personal long term projects shooting in a Hasselblad XPAN since 2008.