Through this serie of images, I want to highlight these objects abandoned by Human Being as they melt with the Patagonian landscape. This presence, more and more natural of  run-down materials, forcefully struck me, during my progress toward the southernmost part of Argentina, Tierra del Fuego.

The major problem, in order to repair or recycle these materials, comes mainly from huge distances between cities in addition to the lack of money and not so good economic situation.

Thus remains the only solution and slowly fits into the decor and inhospitable austere of this southern land, where wind, rain and cold reign above all. Covering an area three times greater than France, and a density equivalent to say that in New York City there are only 48 people… Argentinian Patagonia represents mountainous areas, deserts and a few plots of villages.

These pictures were made during the austral summer of 2010, with a Hasselblad XPAN camera, to enlight what sorrounds this objects.