“Our adult world and its roots in infancy” Mélanie Klein (1957).


Carlo, born in 1937 is my great-grand uncle. He lives in a small village in northern Italy, in the same house, which he has built, since the mid 1960s. At the end of World War II, Italy was split and devastated, therefore, working abroad, after a friend’s invitation he moved to Bale,Switzerland. Worked at General Motors Co. to finally saved and moved back and build his home. Italy’s economy was back on track again, Carlo and his parents shared the new house until their passing away. He never married. Nowadays Carlo is on his own, her sister Oliva passed away in late 2017, and his other sister (my grand mother) still lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
lone·ly | \ ˈlōn-lē  \ – lonelierloneliest – being without company. 

Loneliness is usually a common topic in older people. As a photographer, I’m also lone, but instead, this loneliness is in some way ‘choosen’ and just by accident, I’ve started to photograph my nearest lone people.

Previous relationships with family and above all with parents are a main topic that forge the future of a child. Fear, envy and gratitude are vital components in life and above all the way their are tough to futures generations

This a personal project about my roots, from where I came from as an important topic to dig deeper and to understand certain comportements to look ahead to the future with more mental clarity.

Pictures were made with an Hasselblad XPAN, Kodak Tri-X and Ilford HP5+ film.