Transhumance from the Latin trans ‘across’ and humus ‘ground’, represents the periodic migration of a majority of livestock from the plains to the mountains. Already in Neolithic times men and beasts moved in areas from the valley to high altitude looking for greener pastures. Nowadays, the technological revolution and intensive agriculture has changed some behaviors, but fortunately some passionate farmers persist with this ancient tradition. They have a respect for animals as well as an especial devotion to the environment. Gerard, is a shepherd based in French Alps. Every summer in late June, he and his cattle managed to get to higher altitudes in searching for greener pastures. Owners from nearby villages give him cattle to take care, until the beginning of the fall season. Departing from the small city of Die, 650km south from Paris and not far from Italian border.

The journey is done in two days due to that animals could not walk for so long. Crossing the mountain pass and finally arriving at the valley 1700 meters where he will dwell and remain in a sort of base camp. With the company of his dogs, every morning his wake up at 6 and start the long journey to move with more than 2000 sheep. Conditions are though, since he lives in a shelter, 5-hours trek from nearest village and without electricity… nevertheless going back to sources, far away from MGO lobbies and intensive food is a choice to connect and observe Our Mother Nature in its simplest way.

The choice tu use a Hasselblad XPAN widescreen format is merely to showcase the main caracter within his environment.