“I have a place to go every morning. I go to the farm use tools and it allows me to be in contact with the land which encourages me. It is like doing workout. Before, I was discouraged and now I fell more desire pull ahead and keep looking forward”

Elisenda Rañe, participant in a Social Farming project

Social farming allows the exchange of ideas and experiences, cornerstones of modern civilization. It promotes activities where the participants gather to learn, discuss and exchange shared experiences centered in organic farming.

These projects are driven by local associations and local councils that fund such activity. They create training and jobs for people with disabilities, the unemployed or those at risk of exclusion.

Social farming is an important tool for those who need assistance to avoid exclusion and avoid both financial and social crisis. Therefore this group of social farms form a core that is vital vital to encourage and sustain one another.

Social Farming feeds the soul in an intimate way, just as Mother Earth feeds the root. It is a symbiosis of mutual respect between nature and Human Kind at the height of the 21st century.

”This initiative is an example of life and learning. We want participants to be convinced of one thing: if they can provide their own food, they can also provide from themselves”

Silvia Lobera, organic project leader

The projects in this series were funded in part by the HUMANA Foundation of Spain in early 2013.

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